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CHRIS Project News

Latest News

The CHRIS final review took place on the 20th of April 2012 at BRL!

A Movie of the CHRIS project In safe hands: my Robot helper

In safe hands: my Robot helper from Back To The Planet on Vimeo.

Best Paper Award - CHRIS: Ros Espinoza, R., Lemaignan, S., Sisbot E. A., Alami, R., Steinwender, J., Hamann, K., and Warneken, F. (2010). Which one? Grounding the Referent Based on Efficient Human-Robot Interaction. Proceedings of the 19th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication. Best paper award.

IROS is a week long IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. IROS 2011 was host to more than 1,500 roboticists and robot-interested people from 40 different countries, including a prominent group of well-known speakers and exhibitors. The CHRIS project was represented by our partners at IIT CHRIS at IROS 2011

Nao, the robot who understands you! Click here to see Nao at INSERM Nao at INSERM

Follow iCub live! Visit him on Facebook iCub Facebook Page or twitter iCub on Twitter

The 3rd Annual Review of the CHRIS project, took place on the 26th of May 2011 at LAAS, Toulouse, France. The reviewers feedback was very positive, and the CHRIS researchers look forward to the final year of the project, and even more great results!"

FET11 awarded the prize for 'best stand'. The exhibit, entitled "The future of biomimetic machines", was organized by the Convergent Science Network for biomimetic and biohybrid Systems. The exhibition involved a number of examples of "future biomimetic machines" including the iCub CHRIS project HRI demo (and other examples from the EfAA project)

List of invited talks, tutorials, workshop organisation, press coverage and public addresses resulting from the project in the period:


Invited Talks:

Rachid Alami, Keynote speaker ROBOT 2011, "When the robot considers the human", Seville, Spain, November 2011.

Rachid Alami, "Human-Robot Interaction: Decisional and High-level control issues", Deutsch-Französische Sommerschule 2011 – Bad Herrenalb –September 2011

Rachid Alami, "On some decisional issues for human-robot interaction", 1st Algerian Summer School on Advanced Robotics, Algiers, July 2011

Rachid Alami, "Decisional issues in Human-Robot Interaction", Seminar on Robotics & Intelligent Environments, Supélec, Metz, March 2011

C. Melhuish, Keynote talk, IEE Humanoid Workshop, London 2010

C. Melhuish, Keynote talk, iEmbody, FET Cluster Symposium. Livorno, Italy 2010

C. Melhuish, Invited Speaker at IET “Humanoid Robotics Symposium” London, March 2010

C. Melhuish, Invited Speaker at EU FET “EMBODYi”, Livorno Italy, March 2010

C. Melhuish, Invited Seminar, SSSA, Pisa, May 2011

C. Melhuish, Invited talk at Pervasive Media Studios, Bristol, May 2011

C. Melhuish, Invited Speaker at KTN Conference on Autonomous Systems and Robotics, June 2011

C. Melhuish, Invited Speaker at euRobotics Forum 2012, Odense, Denmark 2012


Invited Talks:

"Learning for Human-Robot Interaction Modeling", RSS 2010, Zaragoza, Rachid Alami, June 27, 2010

"On some decisional issues in Human Robot Interaction", Keynote lecture,, 3rd Workshop for Young Researchers onHuman-Friendly Robotics, Tubingen, October 28th-29th, 2010


IEEE-RAS/IFRR SOCORO Summer School Iasi, Romania, July 12-17, 2010. Tutorial on Human robot decisional interaction, Rachid Alami

Workshop organization:

Rachid Alami and Akin Sisbot have organized a workshop on Combining Motion and Action Planning., ICAPS-10, Toronto, May 12, 2010.

General Public Address:

"Robots Among Us" by Rachid Alami, June 7, 2010, La maison Française Embassy of France, Washington. (Audience: 250 persons)

"Les robots Interactifs", Rachid Alami, auditorium du lycée Rochambeau. June 8, 2010, Washington, USA, (Audience: 90 persons)

Cité de l'Espace, Toulouse, "Les robots interactifs", Rachid Alami, March 12, 2010, (Audience: 150 persons)

Conference and Round table about Robotics and Society, Rachid Alami and Philippe Terral (sociologist) , café El Ruedo, Toulouse, March 17 2010.

Press coverage:

New Scientist Article with BERT Robot

Interview of Dr. Alex Lenz, T3 magazine, Emerging and future technologies

Interview of Rachid Alami, Journal La Dépéche, "Des robots qui parlent", July 31, 2010.

Interview of Rachid Alami, Direct Soir, Nr 852, "La révolution robotique",, November 17, 2010

Interview Rachid Alami, magazine GEO-ADO on Human-robot interaction, March 12, 2011


CHRIS paper given The Best Paper Award "IEEE Ro-MAN 2010, CoTeSys Cognition in Human-Robot Interaction". Paper title: "Which one? Grounding the Referent Based on Efficient Human-Robot Interaction" authored by: Ros Espinoza Raquel, Lemaignan Séverin, Sisbot E. Akin, Alami Rachid, Steinwender Jasmin, Hamann, Katharina, Warneken Felix

Invited Talks:

Felix Warneken

Core Capacities for Cooperation: Examples from Human Children and Chimpanzees International Conference on Development and Learning, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2010. Keynote address Detailed conference program (pdf doc)


The French National Scientific and Technical Culture Diffusion Platform produced an 8 minute documentary film on the Inserm iCub project, presenting the CHRIS project and acknowledging funding by CHRIS.

Financial Time Magazine, The innovation issue, In search of the cutting edge of robotics.

Reuters International report: "iCub the robot helps scientists understand humans."

Figaro Magazine, Paris, Article on the Inserm/CHRIS iCub project “Take a robot by the hand”.


Rachid Alami, LAAS-CNRS, interviewed by Stuart Turton, a journalist with PC Pro. The feature is about robotics and what it could potentially mean for our daily lives in the future with an emphasis on robots in the workplace and the home.

Bristol Evening Post Article.

BBC Bristol News Article.
Engadget Article.

Filming about the project has taken place at the BRL (UK) by the Discovery Channel. The BBC, New Zealand radio, Australian radio, “Engadget” (a technology weblog about consumer electronics), and local news groups in Bristol (UK) have all also reported on the project.

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